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Washington, DC


Flat Belly Pilates is making things easier for you by delivering fitness classes at the time and location you need in the Atlanta, GA area.


The Flat Belly Pilates blog is filled with helpful health and fitness information, practice tips and tutorials.

4 Genius Hacks For A Healthier Week

Flat Belly Pilates

Here’s a list of four hacks for a healthier week.

  1. Is your exercise routine feeling staid? Try these five ways to get a flat belly that are better than sit-ups. You’ll wish you knew about them sooner. Plus, see the new Flat Belly Pilates tutorials!

  2. What do you need to know for your first Pilates session? Find out how to survive it.

  3. Conquer the most challenging Pilates poses with one small change in your practice.

  4. Did you know that Pilates was developed for men? Here are a few other reasons why your boyfriend should try Pilates. It isn't just for women.

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