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Flat Belly Pilates is making things easier for you by delivering fitness classes at the time and location you need in the Atlanta, GA area.


The Flat Belly Pilates blog is filled with helpful health and fitness information, practice tips and tutorials.

How Not to Gain a Single Pound this Holiday Season

Flat Belly Pilates

Wide Legged Forward Fold

The holidays are never easy on waistlines with the endless parade of treats, sweets, comfort foods, and cocktails. Here are three tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays.  


Plan your workouts in advance and have a plan B for weather or technology snafus. Being well-prepared will prevent you from being at the mercy of your surroundings. Having a plan for possible pitfalls will make it easier to stick with your healthy habits and fitness routine. As the saying goes, "failing to plan is preparing to fail."


Waking up early and working out allows you to literally put your health first before the rest of your day can derail your efforts. The early bird gets fit!


Social networks have a great influence on your healthy (and unhealthy) lifestyle habits. When your friends, family and coworkers learn about your goals, they will support you, hold you accountable, and check in with you often to hear about your progress. Make a decision to commit to your health today and share your goals now.

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