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Flat Belly Pilates is making things easier for you by delivering fitness classes at the time and location you need in the Atlanta, GA area.


The Flat Belly Pilates blog is filled with helpful health and fitness information, practice tips and tutorials.

A Yogi's Guide to Pilates

Flat Belly Pilates

A Yogi's Guide to Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are both mind-body practices that will improve your strength, balance and flexibility so what can yogis gain from practicing Pilates too?

There are many benefits of practicing Pilates that include: 
Improved your strength and flexibility
Greater stability
Improved posture and balance
Increased well-being and state of mind
Improved core strength
Increased flexibility, balance and posture
Reduced stress
Alleviated back pain
Convenient exercise regimen
Flattened belly and toned body! 

So, where do you begin? I’ve laid it all out for you in this guide with tips to help you prepare for and get the most out of your first (or next) Pilates session. This guide includes a Pilates routine for yogis who want to practice on their own and get studio results. I have compiled some of my favorite exercises for you and described step-by-step instructions with color illustrations for beginner and intermediate poses along with helpful modifications and challenging progressions so you can use this guide as you advance in your practice. You’ll also find helpful tips for safe and consistent practice. This book also includes a glossary that answers all your burning questions about Pilates. Who was Joseph Pilates? What is Contrology? What does my instructor mean when she says “grape space”? What is tabletop position? You’ll find all the answers here. 

The information in this guide allows you to learn at your own pace, practice comfortably in your home, tailor the poses to your individual needs, enjoy the many benefits that come from Pilates and get that flat belly! 

Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase this guide: 
Challenging belly-flattening routine
Easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions
More than 50 color illustrations
Guidance on proper Pilates form
Helpful modifications
Challenging progressions as you advance in your practice
Practice tips for creating a Pilates studio in your home
Pilates Glossary