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Flat Belly Pilates is making things easier for you by delivering fitness classes at the time and location you need in the Atlanta, GA area.


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This is Your Next Ab Warmup

Flat Belly Pilates

The Hundred is a classical Pilates warmup exercise that's great for strengthening the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Try the Hundred for your next ab warmup to your Pilates practice. To warm up your body, lie on your back with your legs in tabletop position, maintaining a 90-degree angle at the hip and knee. Lift your head and shoulders. Reach your arms towards your feet. Pump your arms above the abdominal wall. Inhale for five breaths and exhale for five breaths. Repeat for nine more cycles until you have reached 100 breaths. For a challenge, extend your legs out to a 45-degree angle.


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