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Washington, DC


Flat Belly Pilates is making things easier for you by delivering fitness classes at the time and location you need in the Atlanta, GA area.


Media Kit

Find learn more about Flat Belly Pilates here and grab its media kit here.  

Ivory Howard, MPH is the founder of Flat Belly Pilates, the author of five guides, and a certified Pilates and yoga instructor.

For nearly a decade, Ivory has provided her clients with challenging, balanced workouts focused on strength, balance and flexibility to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Ivory established Flat Belly Pilates to offer a studio alternative by delivering Pilates and yoga classes at the time and location you need.

Flat Belly Pilates is a mobile personal training studio in the DC metro area that delivers Pilates and yoga classes at the time and location clients prefer, allowing them to achieve studio results in the privacy of their homes or offices.

Here's what her clients have to say:

"I highly recommend Flat Belly Pilates. My husband and I took a class together. It was a great work out and great bonding time. I highly recommend this service and they come to you, so no excuses." — Meredith Evans Raiford
"I am a fan of pilates - low impact high results! I’ve done Pilates in my basement on my own, but the private lessons from Ivory kicks it up a notch. She definitely knows her stuff." — Anonymous
"Great! I have really enjoyed doing the pilates exercises over the past few weeks. I'm starting to notice a change in my body." — Anna Valeria
"You will enjoy it and Ivory is so nice and she encourages you to keep trying." — Natashia Willis
Ivory "is like a personal trainer, makes you work hard and focus." — Paula Wills
"I think the instructor was really impressive. I had a lot of fun. I have taken a lot of yoga classes and she was really good." — Anonymous
"Enjoyed an amazing Pilates workout ... feeling fit and fabulous!" — Tiffany Elaine
Ivory "arrived promptly at scheduled time and was extremely pleasant to work with. My husband and I are excited to continue with some core strength building!" Jamie Yoh

Flat Belly Pilates also offers several guides including the Flat Belly Pilates Comprehensive Guide for those who like to practice on their own and get studio results. This guide includes belly-flattening exercises, color illustrations, and step-by-step instructions along with helpful modifications and challenging progressions as you advance in your practice. This guide and others are currently available through Amazon, Kobo, Nook and iTunes. 

Flat Belly Pilates also offers a free practice guide, "How to Survive Your First Pilates Session" that is filled with FAQs, practice tips to help beginners prepare for and get the most out of their first session, and a 10-minute Pilates workout.

Other helpful videos and practice tips are available via the Flat Belly Pilates blog, Instagram and Twitter.

For more information, Ivory can be reached at 470-440-0043.